SCons Build Support for Eclipse

What is SCons?

SCons is an open source software build tool which tries to fix the numerous weaknesses of make and its derivatives. For example, the missing automatic dependency extraction, make's complex syntax to describe build properties and cross-platform issues when using shell commands and scripts. SCons is a self-contained tool which is independent of existing platform utilities. Because it is based on Python, a SCons user has the full power of a programming language to deal with all build related issues.

It was long past time for autotools to be replaced, and SCons has won the race to become my build system of choice. Unified builds and extensibility with Python — how can you beat that?

Eric S. Raymond, author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar

Use SConsolidator to build your projects in Eclipse

Maintaining a SCons-based C/C++ project with Eclipse CDT meant that all the intelligence SCons puts into your project dependencies had to be re-entered into Eclipse CDT's project settings, so that its indexer and parser would be able to know your code's compile settings and enable many of its features. In addition, SCons' intelligence comes at the price of relatively long build start-up times - when it (re-) analyses the project dependencies - which can become annoying when you just fix a simple syntax error.

SConsolidator addresses these issues and provides tool integration for SCons in Eclipse for a convenient development experience.

Main Features

  • Conversion of existing C++ CDT managed build projects to SCons projects
  • Import of existing SCons projects into Eclipse with wizard support
  • Interactive mode to quickly build single C/C++ source files speeding up round-trip times
  • A special view for a convenient build target management of all workspace projects
  • Graph visualization of build dependencies that helps in debugging SCons build issues

Works out of the box

SConsolidator has been successfully used to import the following SCons-based projects into Eclipse:

  • MongoDB
  • Blender
  • FreeNOS
  • Doom 3


SConsolidator is available at Github.

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Further information

More information on SConsolidator can be found in the Getting Started.

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